Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful (or Awful) Time of the Year

Hey, so it's been awhile. Did you get a haircut? No. Well, it looks good. And, no, I didn't ask that just so you'd ask me about mine...

But seriously, it's been a couple of months since I last posted here. But, trust me, I have been writing lots of entries during the interim. And they were hilarious. And you loved them. And commented. A lot... In my head.

But even more seriously, I am writing one now so there. 

As the heading suggests, we are approaching what I traditionally refer to as my Christmas (or X-mas if I wanna continue fueling that war we elite bloggers enjoy so much). No, not the impending release (hey, now) of Magic Mike this summer, but instead the Network TV Upfronts.

Some of you might be asking, "What's that?," or probably, more accurately, "People still watch TV?"

Well, we do, and the upfronts are historically when networks announce what their new Fall/Spring TV lineups look like. The viewers at home find out which returning shows are officially picked up for another season (I'm looking at you, Fringe aka a perfectly wrapped present) and which will never see the light of day again (Still waiting on #6seasonsandamovie for Wonderfalls aka a disappointing lump of coal). Also, a new crop of shows are unveiled (even though 70% won't make it to a 2nd year). 

It's essentially an excuse for networks to roll out their current/up-and-coming stars with a fancy power point presentation (the likes of which to rival Al Gore's skillz) to media-buying representatives (re: the Harry Cranes of the world) so they will be convinced to purchase commercial spots for particular programs/time slots up-front. (Ah, I get it.)

Last year, I had the good fortune of coincidentally being in NYC (where the upfronts are held) around this time last year and even snuck into the NBC after-party. More on that another time...
This year, I am not quite as lucky but will cover what I can from my spot on the West Coast even if it's just in the (Nasim Pedrad as) Arianna Huffington-way of "We had great coverage because we copied and pasted it, my little coconuts."

Leading up to the week of May 14th, I will discuss my views on which new shows are the buzziest and allow a forum to dissect which current shows you are rooting for to return or fail.

Upfront Schedule 
Monday, May 14th: NBC Upfronts & FOX Upfronts
Tuesday, May 15th: ABC Upfronts
Wednesday, May 16th: CBS Upfronts
Thursday, May 17th: The CW Upfronts

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